Prosecutor In Walter Scott Case Insists Michael Slager Will Be Tried Again
Mic Smith Photography LLC

The case against South Carolina police officer Michael Slager, who gunned down 50-year-old Walter Scott during a confrontation in 2015, is far from over.

News of the case’s mistrial on Monday due to a hung jury sparked reactions ranging from outrage to disappointment both in and outside the courtroom, but Prosecutor Scarlett Wilson vowed to bring about a resolution and try Slager again.

“I wish y’all could be the one,” Wilson told the jury, according to The Post and Courier. “But there will be another day.”

Officer Slager’s father, Thomas, expressed similar sentiments about the future of the case against his son as he exited the courthouse following the announcement. “It’s not over,” he said, “Not yet.”

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Meanwhile, Scott’s family had a somber, yet slightly optimistic response to the news of the mistrial, indirectly urging community members to remain calm. “We’re not going to tear up this city,” Scott’s brother Anthony said outside the courthouse. “We’re not happy, but we’re not sad.”

Scott family attorney Justin Bamberg noted that although the case was not yet won, much progress has been made, given the publicizing of the damning video evidence. “Often times, what’s done in the dark comes to the light,” Bamberg said Monday, “And we’ve seen the light.”