• A California Assemblyman the state to turn Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch into a state park. Would you visit? [WSJ]
  • Aretha Franklin got to rest her vocal chords for a while when her waiter at Brasserie Ruhlmann in NYC’s Rockefeller Center serenaded her. “I was impressed and pleasantly surprised,” Franklin said. [Page6]
  • Facebook users seem to be wealthier, more educated and more White. Internet scholar Danah Boyd suggests that White folks began to look at MySpace as a “digital ghetto.” What is that supposed to mean? [Gawker]
  • Porn Star and Tiger Woods Mistress #20, Devon James, wants Woods to take a paternity test, even thought a former DNA test revealed that a guy named Pele Watkins was probably the father of her 9-year-old son. [TMZ]
  • Nine states, including Florida, Michigan and Texas, are in support of Arizona’s immigration law. [Fox]
  • Alicia Keys, Sade and Jay-Z are scheduled to perform at the annual Black Ball on September 30. The Ball will benefit Keys’ charity, Keep a Child Alive. [SR]
  • The Rev. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson downplayed the NAACP’s condemnation of racism within the Tea Party movement. [AP]
  • World War II veteran and Black Medal of Honor recipient Vernon Baker passed away on Tuesday at age 90. May he rest in peace. [NYtimes
  • Homes lost to foreclosure could reach the 1 million mark in 2010. [NYDN]
  • R&B singer Dondria (“You’re the One”) has been added to Monica and Trey Songz’ “Passion, Pain and Pleasure Tour.” [SoSoDef]
  • Dr. Drew says Mel Gibson’s racist outbursts are an indication of “White-out rage.” During an appearance on “Larry King Live” Drew says Gibson’s behavior “suggests maybe a bipolar kind of hypomania.” [Radar]
  • The Gayle King Show — a two-hour daytime radio talk show — launched on radio stations nationwide yesterday. [GKS]
  • Jamaican reggae artist Sugar Minott died in Kingston on Saturday. He was 54. The cause of death is undetermined. Minott is remembered for songs like “Mr. DC,” “Ghetto-Ology” and a cover of the Jackson Five’s “Good Thing Going.” [NYTimes]
  • Has Governor Patterson found Kabbalah? [Gawker]
  • Why can’t Terrell Owens find a job in the NFL? AOL Black Voices says it could be his “reputation.” [AOLBV]
  • Shaquille O’Neal is set to face off against Justin Bieber and Rachel Ray in the second season of ABC’s “Shaq VS.” [UT]
  • Our condolences go out to the friends and family of celebrated African Journalist Pius Njawe, who died at age 52 in car crash in Virginia. [NYTimes]

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