Today prosecutors in the Michael Jackson Doctor Trial against Dr. Conrad Murray took a dramatic and gruesome turn.

Pre-autopsy photos of a naked and dead King of Pop were shown to jurors — most likely as a way to shock and sway them to convict Murray of involuntary manslaughter. Close ups of his arm reveal where IVs were hooked up and a superimposed black bar covered his genital area.

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According to TMZ, Dr. Christopher Rogers took the stand today and testified that it’s unlikely that Jackson gave himself a fatal dose of propofol. Murray’s defense team maintains that Jackson self-administered the drug while Murray went the bathroom for two minutes.

Rogers says it’s nearly impossible for that to happen, given Jackson’s state at the time, and it’s more probable that Murray’s lethal combination of drugs killed Jackson.

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Do you think the showing pre-autopsy photos goes too far? Is there a limit to what the public needs to see?