Let’s Be Clear: Michael B. Jordan’s Rumored Girlfriend Will Not Stop Black Women From Seeing ‘Black Panther’
Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Black women had one thing to get straight on Tuesday: Nothing is going to stop them from seeing Black Panther.

After a number of sites speculated that Black Panther actor Michael B. Jordan was dating a new woman by the name of Ashlyn Castro, the conversation about his love life jumped to Twitter. And here is where a hotep lie was born, claiming Black women would boycott the film simply because of Jordan’s love life. 

Oh, but how this rumor was wrong..

One comment noted the obvious saying, “I’m seeing a whole lot more tweets from black men saying black women are boycotting Black Panther and are upset about Michael B. Jordan dating a white woman than actual black women being upset….”

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Even singer, Bryson Tiller stepped into the “boycotting” conversation.

There’s no word —as there often isn’t— as to who started this Black-Panther-Michael-B-Jordan rumor. But it goes without saying, Black women will be present and accounted for when this Marvel film drops in February. Jordan’s dating preferences are his own, and it’s irresponsible to continue perpetuating the idea that Black women are incensed by interracial relationships.

Marvel’s Black Panther film debuts Feb 16 in theaters nationwide.