Welcome back to our weekly feature highlighting brothers who throw down in the kitchen. This week we have a baker who believes in spicing up every meal, and he just may have the secret to heaven on earth.

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Name: Jeremiah Abiah
Occupation: Musician & CEO of Cake U Very Much Bakery
Age: 29
City: New York City

ESSENCE.COM: How did you get your start in the kitchen?
I learned to cook from my mom, who is a beast in the kitchen.

ESSENCE.COM: Nice, and what’s your go-to spice when cooking?
ABIAH: I think love is the best spice in the kitchen. When you add the love, it becomes an experience for everyone. When people taste your food, they can tell if you really care.

ESSENCE.COM: And what do you love most about cooking?
ABIAH: There is nothing more satisfying than seeing your lady or friends indulge in something that you have created. Once I cook for a lady, there is nothing more to say; dessert served. I love to cook for the therapy as well.  An ideal evening for me is the iPod on shuffle, a glass of Riesling, and preparing a beautiful meal.

Want more of Jeremiah Abiah? Try a “Slice of Heaven” with his signature dish,  Heaven Cake, and check out his online business, cakeuverymuch.com.