Men may have a bad rap when it comes to relationships and showing their emotions, but a new study says that a “tough guy” exterior post-breakup may really be a way to mask their vulnerability. A Wake Forest University study found that while young women have a harder time getting over a breakup, young men are more likely to be affected by a rocky relationship. Researchers studied the effects of romance on the mental health of over 1000 unmarried college-aged men and women and found part of the reason the ups and downs of romance affected men more is because it is often their only source of intimacy (and support system) whereas women have girlfriends and a variety of close relationships, reports the Huffington Post. Young men also seemed to benefit more from a relationship but are more likely to turn to alcohol or other stimulants when things go bad while women go into a depression. “Women are more naturally expressive. We’ll cry, show our feelings,” author Audrey Neslon told ABC News. “When a woman is having a hard time, she has two or three friends she can talk to, to ease the pain. Men have the same feelings and emotions, but they have no outlet.”