There comes a time in the beginning of every relationship when a girl asks herself, “Does this guy really want to get to know me or is he just interested in getting in my pants.” Not to sound cheesy, but it’s in the way he looks at you. A new study released from the University of Texas revealed that men look at different parts of a woman depending on whether they’re interested in short-term or long-term romance. For the short-term — you guessed it — they’re more interested in the body. For long-lasting relationships, men switch their focus to the face. In the study, two graduate students at UT showed 375 heterosexual college students an image of a person with his or her head and body covered up and described the person as either a short-term or long-term match. Subjects then had to choose between looking at the head or the body, but not both. Only 25 percent of the men who were told to consider the person as a long-term partner chose to see the body, while 51 percent of the men told to consider the person as a short-term partner chose the figure and not the face. According to, the authors of the study break it down like this — a woman’s face and body indicate different things. While the face reveals information about youth, health and longevity, the body shows signs of fertility in the present. It’s not surprising that the women who participated in the study didn’t have a preference when looking for a short-term or long-term mate. Translation: we consider the total package. What’s the first thing you look at when you see a guy you like?