Update 2:07 p.m.: Megyn Kelly Today is officially off the air being canceled following its namesake host’s controversial comments about blackface, according to People, quoting sources close to the situation. However, additional sources say that Kelly has not been booted from NBC entirely, just from her 9 a.m. show which “is most likely over.” Regardless of what happens to Kelly’s career, as I keep on reminding you all, she’ll likely be okay in the end, considering the heft of her original contract with NBC News (a hefty $69 million), which would likely be a part of the negotiation process if she ends up leaving the network. Earlier: The Megyn Kelly Today show may be in jeopardy, but trust that Megyn Kelly is probably going to be fine as a white woman in this society. According to the Wall Street Journal, NBC News is expected to ditch Kelly’s morning show after the journalist came under harsh scrutiny for questioning why blackface – one of the many racist legacies of the United States – was considered racist and offensive when used in Halloween costumes. Kelly was not only criticized by the general public, her colleagues and employers also joined the fray, blasting her for her comments. “I condemn those remarks,” NBC News Chairman Andy Lack said Wednesday during a meeting with staffers, according to WSJ. “There is no place on our air or in this workplace for them.” Quoting a person close to the situation, the WSJ said that it is likely that Kelly’s show will come to an end in the near future, with no more live episodes expected to air this week and a replacement filling the spot in by Friday. But don’t you dare feel sorry for or worry about Megyn. I’m sure she’ll be just fine. Another report by Variety notes that Kelly and NBC have been talking about her taking up another role in the news division. Apparently the idea of ending Kelly’s 9 a.m. segment has been in talks for a while, even before her blackface comments, due to the scrutiny that has followed her to NBC ever since she copped a sweet deal in 2017 to move over to the network from Fox News. TOPICS: