McDonald’s Golden Arches just got a little brighter, and drinking coffee just got a little sexier thanks to Conya Doss and Dwele, who lend their heavenly voices to the new McCafé campaign, the company’s budget-conscious version of Starbucks. The duo is the first African-American singers to serve as the voice for the caffeine-themed jingles.

The coffeehouse-style food and drink brand was launched in Europe and has finally made its way to U.S. soil in various McDonald’s restaurants. This ad campaign will not only provide another creative outlet and great exposure for many grassroots talent who might not permeate the airwaves but have what it takes to lure caffeine lovers to enjoy an intimate experience at Micky Dee’s.

Doss, an Ohio native and former schoolteacher, is grateful for the platform. “It’s such an honor to be a part of the launching of the MCCafe Campaign,” said Doss. “Not only is it such a huge thing for me because I grew up eating Mickey Dees, but to have my music infused is amazing.”

Recently Doss and Dwele topped iTunes best-of notoriety for Underground Artist and Best Indie Song category from their 2008 Best Music List. The former middle school teacher’s fourth album, “Still,” garnered 10,000 downloads, but her grassroots success hasn’t changed her appetite one bit. “My favorite McDonald’s treat is the Filet O Fish and Vanilla Milkshake and now Vanilla Latte served warm or on ice!”