People every where are banding together to help Haiti recover from the aftermath of the 7.0-magnitude earthquake that struck the impoverished Caribbean nation on Tuesday, January 19. Many of the celebrities that have reached out to assist Haiti–like Wyclef Jean and Garcelle Beauvais Nilon have ties to the country. One such Celeb, Maxwell, recently met with a group of organizers including former U.S. President Bill Clinton to create solutions for getting aid to Haiti and to set goals to re-build the country. Maxwell released a statement about his mother’s homeland. “My heartfelt prayers go out to all my people of Haiti in the wake of this devastating earthquake. I was honored to attend an emergency meeting organized by President Bill Clinton on Thursday. It was pivotal to me, and even uplifting. I was in a room with all kinds of incredible people from all sorts of different backgrounds, all working on solutions – artists, financiers, disaster specialists and Haiti experts like Dr. Paul Farmer, the public health specialist who is a United Nations Deputy Special Envoy to Haiti. Everyone in the room was focused on solutions to Haiti’s urgent and mounting problems. Many ideas were discussed that are at this moment being put into action. While the immediate focus is on humanitarian aid and saving lives, the ultimate goal is to rebuild Haiti so that all Haitians can make their country a better place to live for all. I have volunteered to assist President Clinton in any way that I can. The most important thing I learned was that sending cash is the best way to help right now. The easiest way to do it is through text messaging, but other ways to help include donating to organizations such as the Clinton foundation, Unicef, Red Cross and Wyclef’s charity YeleHaiti.” Wyclef Jean along with actor/activist George Clooney and UNICEF will host a “Hope for Haiti” Telethon on Friday January 22 Last week Wyclef spoke out about the disaster in his native Haiti Garcelle Beauvais Nilon spoke about the tragedy in Haiti