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Following Death Threats, Rep. Maxine Waters Warns Supporters Of Extremist Group Protestors

Following Death Threats, Rep. Maxine Waters Warns Supporters Of Extremist Group Protestors
Paras Griffin/Getty Images

Rep. Maxine Waters is warning her supporters to be careful of potentially armed protests from an extremist group outside of her Los Angeles office, ABC News reports.

She warned her supporters against being “baited” into confrontations with the Oath Keepers, which Waters described as “an anti-government militia” that a track record of “violent and provocative behavior” with protests around the country. The group announced recently that it planned ongoing protests in Los Angeles against the congresswoman.

“I am requesting those individuals and groups planning a counter-protest to not be baited into confronting the Oath Keepers with any demonstrations in opposition,” Waters said. “Such an occurrence would only exacerbate tensions and increase the potential for conflict.”

Waters has been the target of protests due to speaking out against the Trump administration on a number of occasions. Most recently, she had been on the receiving end of death threats and criticism after calling for the public to “push back” on the administration’s zero tolerance immigration policy that separates families.

“I know that there are those who are talking about censuring me, talking about kicking me out of Congress, talking about shooting me, talking about hanging me,” Waters told a crowd during Los Angeles rally last month.

“All I have to say is this, if you shoot me you better shoot straight, there’s nothing like a wounded animal,” she said.

She is now telling her supporters to avoid scheduling their counter-protests on the same date and time as protests planned by the Oath Keepers.

“The Oath Keepers would like nothing more than to inflame racial tensions and create an explosive conflict in our community,” Waters said. “The group is known to protest in military-style clothing while carrying various assault weapons.”