Rep. Maxine Waters Says Trump’s Speeches Need A Parental Advisory Warning

President Trump’s addresses to the nation are such a danger that they should come with a parental advisory warning, Rep. Maxine Waters said during her pre-recorded response this week to the president’s State of the Union address.

Waters gave her response as part of BET’s coverage of Trump’s first State of the Union speech. 

“This president with his vulgarity and his disrespect for women and people of color is a terrible role model for our children,” Waters said, according to The Hill. “Whenever he appears on TV, there should be a disclaimer that says ‘This may not be acceptable for children.’”

Waters has been a consistent critic of Trump since he first took office, and often calls for his impeachment. She was part of a cadre of Democratic congressmen and women who chose to skip Trump’s speech this week.

“Yesterday Donald Trump had the audacity to call upon people to set aside differences when, in reality, he has divided Americans in ways no other modern president has done,” she said.  

“One speech cannot and does not make Donald Trump presidential,” Waters added.

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