<p>Maxine Waters Just Ethered Trump By Referencing This Line From Comey's Testimony </p>

Just a weekly reminder that our president is indeed the subject of sexual assault accusations. 


Congresswoman Maxine Waters, known lately for never mincing words about her distaste for Donald Trump and his related shenanigans, can always come through with a well-timed clap back.

Ahead of James Comey’s hearing with the Senate Intelligence Committee Thursday, where he is expected to answer questions about his private interactions with Donald Trump during his time as FBI Director, the Committee released his written testimony.

Within the testimony was one conversation that caught the attention of California’s esteemed representative, who first gained mainstream attention for proclaiming that Comey had “no credibility” in a refreshingly unconventional January press conference.

In the prepared statement, Comey disclosed that he did not want any direct communication with the President, likely because Trump attempted to put him in compromising moral, and legal, positions numerous times when they met privately. Comey urged Attorney General Jeff Sessions, to whom he reported, to honor this request.

Auntie Maxine seized this moment to read Trump in under 140 characters, as only she can do:

Waters was referencing the numerous sexual assault allegations that came forth prior to the 2016 election. Trump has continuously ignored, dismissed and even threatened to sue victims who have accused him of misconduct. Waters even pokes fun at herself in the Twitter thread, posting a picture of her “meeting” with Trump once, along with other Black civil rights leaders. The picture is actually of James Brown, to whom Bill O’Reilly weakly attempted to compare Waters.

A leader who can both take and dish a joke? When do we start donating to Maxine for Prez 2020?