Mary Mary’s Tina Campbell Pens Open Letter In Support of Trump
Terry Wyatt/Getty Images for Dove Awards

As President Trump completes his first full week in office, another Black celebrity has come forward in support of him: Mary Mary’s Tina Campbell.

The gospel singer decided to reveal her thoughts Wednesday in an open letter, where she explained why she believes the new president needs our support and prayers.

“I have a perspective regarding our new president, Mr. Donald Trump, that I’d like to share with you,“ she wrote. ”I ask that you would please read my letter below with an open mind. If it happens to resonate with you, my hope is that you would forward it to as many American citizens as you have access to.”

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Her main point throughout the letter was that no matter how you feel about his politics and decisions —things that Campbell said also confuse her— God had chosen Trump to do great things.

“I believe that understanding and compassion [are] absolutely necessary for the progress of all people,” she said. “So, although I don’t always understand or agree with Mr. Donald Trump’s politics, perspective, and approach, I believe that the same God that created all of us has deposited greatness inside of him that goes far beyond what many of us have seen and what many of us could imagine.”

Read her full letter below:

Trump signed a number of executive orders this week, the most controversial one being his ban on immigrants and refugees from seven Muslim-majority countries, signed late last week.

Overall, her message seems to have been taken positively by her fans,  receiving more like and love reactions than negative responses.