Mary Mary’s Erica Campbell Too ‘Sexy’ for Gospel? Some Christians Think So
Erica Campbell/ Instagram

Erica Campbell’s new album promo shot is getting lots of attention. Perhaps not the kind she anticipated.

The Mary Mary singer recently posted a photo of herself wearing a figure-hugging white dress on her Instagram page. The photo sparked lots of conversations about whether or not the dress was too sexy for a gospel singer.

“Yes, you are a beautiful, curvy woman…but No ma’am you are singing the gospel of Jesus Christ,” wrote pastor Stacey Woods on American Preacher.

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“We compel men to come through our love for Jesus, but when we wear things that are distracting, the message is somehow lost and it becomes about us and not about Him,” wrote Woods in a follow-up.

“I am a seasoned Minister myself, and one thing I dislike are self-righteous Christians,” wrote Kajuana Givens. “The word tells us to adorn ourselves modestly.”

Where do you stand? Do you believe there should be a dress code for gospel singers?