Mary J. Blige’s guest appearance on The View today turned into a confessional as the ESSENCE Music Festival headliner shared her thoughts on Whitney Houston’s funeral and her own struggle with drugs.

“I never go to funerals but I’m really happy I went to hers,” she said. “This was really sad because she was everything to women like us.”

Asked about her own past drug addiction Blige made it clear she had never done crack. “I lived in a neighborhood where I saw what that did to people. But I did do cocaine… you never know you’re addicted until you’re up late nights running out on the street as Mary J. Blige looking for it.”

The singer added that she did have a conversation with Houston about their shared struggles with addiction. “I got a chance to express to her what I felt about her and how important she is and how I don’t like to see her like that and she’s better than that,” she told co-host Barbara Walters. “I felt really good about the conversation I had with her.”