Mary J. Blige is one hard-working woman.

Apart from releasing her song “The Living Proof” on the soundtrack for “The Help,” the R&B diva is now shaping up for Broadway. Due in 2012, Blige will star in the ensemble adaptation of “Rock of Ages,” a Broadway musical featuring classic rock hits from the 1980s, where she’ll star alongside Hollywood heavyweights Tom Cruise and Alec Baldwin.

“I don’t start shooting until July 25th, but we did the table reading and it’s good,” Blige told “I play a gentleman’s club owner, Justice Charlier. She’s very beautiful, she’s super fly from the 80s and she is the light in a dark place.
And as if that’s not keeping her busy,  she’s still prepping for her role as Nina Simone in the legendary singer’s forthcoming biopic.

“I have a lot of YouTube of her and I just watch her, study her, read about her, talk to different people about her,” she said.

Best of luck with the film Mary – we can’t wait!

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