Washington, D.C., council member Marion Barry is the only council member to vote against a measure to recognize same-sex marriages from other states in a 12-1 vote, according to NBCWashington.com. The Domestic Partner bill now goes to Congress where it will then go under a 30-day review before it is expected to be signed by Mayor Adrian Fenty.

Barry, who has supported gay rights in the past, commented that the decision to vote against the measure was an “agonizing and difficult decision.” He hinted that his religious faith and the fact that many of his constituents are Blacks who traditionally don’t accept gay unions led in his decision. Local African-American D.C. pastors continue to challenge the possibility of legalizing and recognizing gay marriages, citing that it changes the definition of marriage and, therefore, changes the definition of family.

Vermont, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Iowa and now Maine allow gay marriages. While New York and now Washington, D.C., recognize gay marriages performed in other states.—WLW