Mariah Carey makes her big screen comeback in “Tennessee,” a heart-wrenching drama about sacrifice and self-discovery. Carey stars as Krystal, an aspiring singer/songwriter who runs away from her abusive husband Frank (Lance Riddick). Her life intersects with two brothers Carter (Adam Rothenberg) and Ellis (Ethan Peck) who travel from New Mexico to Tennessee, picking her up along the way, in search of their estranged father. Producer Lee Daniels, who’s credited for helping usher Halle Berry to Oscar gold in the controversial film “Monster’s Ball,” might prove to be a good luck charm for Carey too. Despite lackluster reviews of her 2001 semi-autobiographical flick, “Glitter,” Lee made the “We Belong Together” songstress his leading leading lady after watching her performance in “WiseGirls.” The film features Carey performing “Right to Dream,” the ballad she cowrote with country singer Willie Nelson.

“Tennessee” opens in theaters today, June 5.—NH