Mariah Carey Opens Up About Divorce, James Packer, And New Docu-Series
Paras Griffin/Getty Images

Mariah Carey is spilling on everything from her relationship with her ex-husband, Nick Cannon, her pending nuptials to billionaire James Packer, and her upcoming reality show that has fans waiting with bated breath.  

Carey covers Complex for its latest issue and the legendary singer doesn’t hold back. She opens up about her relationship with Nick Cannon, who she has two children with, and spills that she never thought she’d get divorced. “I never thought I would have babies with someone and then get divorced. Like, ‘Oh, great job. Repeat your past,” she says, referring to her parents who divorced when she was three, “But life happens. And it was supposed to happen. It’s fine. For [the kids], I wish it hadn’t happened that way.”

But, Carey has a new chapter of her life to look forward to, her upcoming nuptials. The singer is engaged to billionaire James Packer and all the world is waiting to see just how over-the-top the ceremony will be. Carey reveals that the two bonded over their shared sense of humor and understanding of each other’s busy schedules. “I don’t expect him to be at every little thing that I do, and vice versa. He’s got a lot of stuff on his plate and so do I. There’s a mutual understanding.” It also helps that Packer is a big fan of his soon-to-be wife’s music. “Actually, if he didn’t like my music, then how would I be able to handle him being around when all I’m doing is creating? It’s cool,” says Carey.

The iconic singer also talks about her upcoming eight-part reality series, Mariah’s World, which will focus on Carey’s European tour and plans for her upcoming wedding. It’s during this moment in the interview where Carey seemingly takes a swipe at the Kardashians, who happen to be filming in another room of Nobu Malibu. “Some of us talk about other people and what they do and la la la. But I’m not that person.” 

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