Last week, Brandy debuted the video for her brand new single “Beggin and Pleadin.” After dropping the song earlier this year to coincide with the premiere of her new BET sitcom Zoe Ever After and lighting up the stage at this year’s Black Girls Rock! celebration, the R&B songstress is keeping the ball rolling.

The video is set in an old school juke joint where Brandy is joined by a handful of patrons and clubgoers who are on hand to see her perform. Similar to her Black Girls Rock! performance, Brandy wears a fiery red dress with sequined embellishments paired with a decorative white headdress. One look at the setting and costume design for the video makes it plain that the theme of the visual is paying homage to the ever-popular juke joint scene from the classic 1985 film adaptation of The Color Purple

Ironically, the video happened to drop on the birthday of actress Margaret Avery, who played Shug Avery, the character Brandy channels in her video. Upon seeing the it, Avery took to her Instagram with a message of delight and words of praise for Brandy.

“It’s every artist’s dream to inspire and possibly add to another artist’s creative journey,” wrote Avery on her Instagram page.

Brandy, of course, was pleasantly surprised by Ms. Avery’s response and followed up shortly after with her own IG message, revealing that it was Margaret who inspired the new “movement” in her life.

If you haven’t gotten a chance to check out Brandy’s new video for “Beggin and Pleadin,” you can watch it below:

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