From her classic “Crazy in Love” video to her red carpet glam, Beyonce always manages a fierce look and even fiercer figure — but not without hard work. Check out these quick tips from Bey’s trainer, Marco Borges, on how to stay fit this holiday season and get those “uh-oh” curves many of us want… Here’s some advice from Borges, via 1. Plan Ahead! Holiday events are often filled with decadent foods and drinks so plan ahead to avoid your vices. Instead of splurging on that apple pie, snack on “healthy protein and fats beforehand (like a handful of nuts), which promote production of hunger-suppressing hormone leptin in the stomach, making you feel full on much less food.” 2. Get your workout in early! Holiday shopping, parties, and planning can take up a lot of time so get your workout in before the day gets too busy. If you hit the gym early, “you’ll not only ensure you don’t miss your workout, you’ll also start the day off right and perpetuate healthier behavior throughout the day.”   3. Don’t diet, live It! “If you focus on dieting rather than healthy living, you feel deprived and more than likely, one of those holiday parties will have you calling it quits.” Shifting your focus from “diet” to “healthy living” can spark the motivation you need to stay on track past the holiday and into 2011. 4. Know your number! Christmas pounds and new year tummies have a way of sneaking up on you so keep track of your weight. If the scale tips a tad, don’t worry. It’s easier to shed a pound or two than “waiting until the new year to realize you’ve gained 15 lbs and not only have to deal with the added weight but also the mental feelings of defeat that hold you back.” 5. Get outside! “Family gatherings are great, but they don’t all have to revolve around food! Get outside whenever possible for some fun, games and sweat!” Take a quick walk after dinner or find a buddy to stay active with throughout the holiday.  What’s one health goal you plan to accomplish in 2011?