Marc Jacobs Website Glitch Had The Retailer Giving Away Goods For Free And Shoppers Almost Secured The Bag
Photo by Streetstyleshooters/Getty Images

Tuesday morning was an online shoppers’ dream for those who happened across the Marc Jacobs website. The Wall Street Journal reports that an “inadvertent error” by the brand permitted customers to secure a 100% discount off of the designer handbags.

“In the world of instant online booking, where nearly every transaction is automated, it can seem outlandish that there are pricing errors…[but] sometimes the computers (or the people operating them) do glitch—to” the advantage of the customer.

In this instance, one such customer, Chyna Dandridge discovered the hack after seeing it “on Facebook and ordered a $325 ‘The Year of the Tiger’ mini jacquard tote bag for just the cost of shipping” saying, “It crashed several times while I was on the website, but eventually I was able to put the bag that I wanted into my cart…I’ve seen glitches happen in the past, and I know some people actually get the items.”

In this case, the dream was short-lived for Chyna and those others who were able to take advantage of the company’s blunder, because once Marc Jacobs caught wind, they refunded shipping fees and ended up rescinding the free orders. 

An email issued by Marc Jacobs stated, “Due to an inadvertent error on, our website temporarily showed incorrect product prices which may have affected your order(s)…All orders placed with incorrect pricing have been canceled.”

Meanwhile, Twitter had a field day, with the social media outlet generating countless hilarious memes about the mix-up. Here are some of the laugh out loud reactions:

One user tweeted, “Kudos to all the girls who got one over on Marc Jacobs. Meanwhile I’m waiting for a Telfar website glitch that’ll let me actually even get in line to order a d*%n bag.”

Another tweet said, “Marc Jacobs hit y’all with that REVERSE UNO OUT!!”

A tweet even lamented people heading to social media to share the news, “y’all so annoying how you go to marc jacobs website and see the pricing f—– up and the first thing you do is run to twitter…. instead of cashing out???? god be giving the biggest blessings to the wrong people.”

Someone even chimed in with a legal perspective, “Lawyer here: if you purchased a Marc Jacobs bag today for a ridiculously low price because of a website glitch, they can’t cancel the transaction. It would be different if they just advertised the wrong price, but once you’ve completed the transaction, that’s a binding contract.”

We guess someone at Marc Jacobs heard all the New Year’s resolutions to secure the bag, and they took that personally!


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