When a teenage girl was sexually assaulted by a man while riding the bus in Queens, New York, actor/activist Moise Morancy came to her defense.

“I feel devastated that this girl was so frightened she couldn’t do anything in that moment,” explained Morancy. “ I didn’t second guess helping that girl.”

The altercation between Morancy and the young girl’s assailant was captured in the video above, in which Morancy is seen yelling at the man he apprehended. When officers arrived on the scene, they detained both the girl’s perpetrator and Morancy, who was later released by a Black officer who called him a “hero.”

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“Young Black men who are even in the right could be perceived as wrong,” says Morancy of his arrest. “We are so quick to turn a blind eye when a young girl is being attacked.”

“Donald Trump is here saying he could do whatever he wants to women, and here is this guy doing whatever he wants. If it wasn’t for me, maybe this girl would have been assaulted at a higher degree,” reflects Morancy.

The teenager Morancy defended thanked him with a hug and roses.

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