Malcolm X’s Daughter Praises Beyoncé’s Super Bowl Performance
Courtesy of Parkwood Entertainment

To celebrate the end of Black History Month, author of Growing Up X, Ilyasah Shabazz, addressed Brentwood High School freshmen Monday in Long Island, NY. The daughter of the late Malcolm X, now 53, urged students to engage in social activism and to “recognize the power they posses as young people.”

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“Because [my father] was challenging historical injustices, they portrayed him into someone that he wasn’t,” Shabazz said. She admired Beyoncé’s tribute to her father during this years Super Bowl’s half time performance for having a purpose and promoting black girl magic. “I noticed the background dancers were all African American wearing their hair naturally and I thought that was very beautiful.”

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Shabazz wanted to empower students as agents of change. “Their role right now is to get the best education that they can, “ the author states. “Each one of them have a voice and we are ready to hear it.”