Malcolm Jamal Warner Speaks on Bill Cosby Scandal, Questions Other Hollywood Men Getting a Pass
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As the saga surrounding Bill Cosby’s multiple sexual assault allegations continues to unfold, Malcolm Jamal-Warner is speaking out about other Hollywood men who seem to have been given a pass under similar circumstances.

When it comes to The Cosby Show being taken off of the air, Warner doesn’t shy away from the fact that he’s invested for very personal reasons. 

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“It’s literally taken money out of my pocket,” Warner, 45, said in a pre-taped interview with “The Real” set to air Monday. “So, I got my own personal feelings about that, because it personally affects me.”

“But even outside of that,” he continued. ‘You look at just how the media is playing this whole thing out and I can’t help but think about Woody Allen, Roman Polanski, Stephen Collins, [it’s] very clear the crimes they’ve committed. But there is no one that’s calling for Woody’s movies to be pulled off the air.”

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Director Roman Polanski was jailed in 1977 for having sexual relations with a 13-year-old girl. 7th Heaven star Stephen Collins confessed to child molestation in 2014. And Woody Allen, famously married Mia Farrow’s adopted daughter Soon Yi in 1997. 

“Roman Polanski is still celebrated,” Warner added. “Stephen Collins’ show still comes on. It’s interesting how it’s very unbalanced.”

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Warner made sure to be clear that he was simply making an observation.

“I am in no position to defend him because I can’t, but nor will I throw him under the bus.”

What do you think about Malcolm comments?

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