Momlogic writer Kimberly Seals Allers had a serious talk with, philanthropist and wife of comedian Chris Rock, Malaak Compton Rock about domestic abuse in the Black Community.

Rock said we need to raise our voices:
“The silence is killing us. I think the white community has done a good job showing that domestic violence is not a poor woman’s problem. They have changed the face of domestic violence to show that educated, career women suffer as well. We haven’t.”
She also stressed that we need our Black men in the home, teaching their sons and daughters how to be treated and how to treat the ones they love with respect.
“Even though our community has disproportionately high levels of single female-headed households, we can’t get around how important our black men are to saving our communities, our babies and ourselves,” Rock said.
Having daughters, Rock said, has made her husband Chris even more “aware of how he treats me because he knows our two daughters are learning how to be treated by a man by his dealings with me.”

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