This Makeup Artist’s Depiction of Police Brutality Has Gone Viral

By now it’s likely that you’ve become numb to all of the instances of police brutality that have been occurring over the past few years. Last week, following the death of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, Black America was once again thrust back into a state of protest. Many celebrities since then have made appearances, written statements and voiced their concerns about the state of the justice system in America and the issue of police brutality, particularly as it pertains to people of color.

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In the midst of protests and rallies, town halls and vigils, makeup artist, Simone J turned to what she knew best, her makeup kit. This weekend, she posted a photo depicting her face with six bullet wounds and tears of blood streaming from her eyes that has since gone viral. Gory though it may be, it is a powerful depiction of Black life in America. We spoke to the makeup artists, Simone J to get her take on the look and she said, “The development of that art piece came about after vigorously following the news of the recent events that took place. I also saw the videos online which were absolutely tragic and heart-breaking to watch. To see that, nowadays, you can actually watch someone take their last breath on Instagram blows my mind. The next morning I woke up to yet another black man (Philando Castile) being gunned down. I don’t think there were words to describe how I felt mentally, emotionally nor physically at that time. Even though I am not a citizen of the USA, I wanted to show my support for the Black Lives Matter movement and to help raise awareness using my platform which is through art, as this situation affects the world. Sometimes when tragedy strikes there are no words to describe what you feel inside.”

She explained that the 6 shots to the face represent the, “type of violence that led to the death of these men involved and to also raise awareness that gun violence is a major issue.” the tears of blood are indicative of the “bloodshed, pain, hurt, anger and despair” and finally, the highlight in the inner corners of her eyes represent hope, stating “eventually, as small as it may be, there is hop. Hope for peace, unity and love.” The photo is certainly making an impression in the beautysphere,and though it is terribly unfortunate, it is absolutely necessary.



A photo posted by Simone J. (@milirayj) on Jul 7, 2016 at 3:55pm PDT

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