When we asked you on Facebook if you ever feel like you’re living life like a superwoman, doing everything for everybody, you unanimously said “oh my goodness, yes!” You also agreed that we need to take more time out for ourselves. In the interest of motivating us to take a minute to make ourselves feel amazing we thought we’d share’s list of “10 Things To Do Alone That Make You Feel Great.” 1. Create a playlist that you can groove to and have a jam session in your room. 2. Rent the whole season of “Sex and the City,” “Girlfriends” or your favorite show on Netflix and get settled on the couch for a marathon. 3. “Treat yourself to a blowout at a chic salon.” 4. Cooking can be really therapeutic. Cook yourself — not your man or your kids — a fancy meal that you’ve been meaning to try out. 5. Get in touch with your body. “Take some time out for self-exploration,” The Frisky suggests. We’ll leave it at that. 6. Take a new exercise class that you wouldn’t normally participate in. 7. Take a walk down memory lane. Flip through your old photo albums or yearbook. 8. Take some time out to engage in a little arts and crafts. Doodle, knit, paint, whatever. 9. “Go to your favorite place at sunrise. There’s never a better time for self-reflection.” 10. Get glam, set a timer on your camera and have a photo shoot in your room. Come on, you know you want to. We’d also like to add give yourself a manicure and a pedicure to that list. What do you do in your down time to make yourself feel great?