HUD executive and part-time Congressional prop Lynne Patton added fuel to fiery backlash against Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn), who received increasing death threats over the weekend ever since President Donald Trump tweeted out a video combining remarks she made at an event with footage from the 9/11 terrorist attack.

According to Mother Jones, Patton,  who oversees HUD’s New York and New Jersey region and is the highest-ranking Black woman in the Trump administration, brushed off Omar’s complaints about the additional death threats she received, in a dismissive Instagram post.

Patton claimed that she too had been on the receiving death threats for the past three years, quipping #WelcomeToTheClub.

“Ilhan Omar is crying she’s receiving death threats,” the Instagram post read. “They’re not death threats. Just some people saying something.”

Mother Jones reported, with screenshots, that following Patton’s dismissive attitude of the threats against Omar, some of her 84,000 followers took it upon themselves to add to the threats, with some even voicing that it was a surprise that no one has already killed the congresswoman yet.

Despite this, Patton continues to be unperturbed, even tweeting out about the Mother Jones story saying that she’d happily accept being fired or “defending 9/11″…whatever that means.


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