Lynn Whitfield Dishes on Life, Beauty and SPF
Michael Rowe

Silverscreen sensation, Lynn Whitfield, attended this year’s Essence Music Festival and filled us in on the secret to her gorgeous complexion. The notable actress believes in the power of sunscreen and full body exfoliation, and frequents Korean Beauty spas religiously to ensure that her skin stays flawless.

“I learned to exfoliate all of the time [at Korean Beauty spas],” said the actress. “What becomes bad skin–sunspots, wrinkles and all that– is [dead skin] piling up. But, if you continue to exfoliate it’s really good for you because it gets the toxins out and keeps all of the damaged skin away. [Exfoliate] and sunscreen.”

When time affords her the opportunity, Whitfield likes to go to an LA-based Korean beauty spa– known as a jjimjilbang– early in the morning for a for a Korean scrub; during which her full body gets exfoliated using special exfoliating mitts. From the look–and the feel–of it (we touched her arm for proof), the jjimjilbang treatments are working! She may have the softest skin we’ve ever felt.

Whitfield relates skin care to soul care, stating:

“You get rid of the crud on the inside and you’ve got to clean it out. You’ve got to lighten it up. You have to. It makes life so much better if you get rid of all of the dead stuff. Same thing with skin. Same thing with bad memories.”

To that, Ms. Whitfield, we say Amen! So, if you’re on the market for incredibly smooth skin, head to your nearest beauty spa and book an appointment ASAP!