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Ludacris Just Can’t Stop Spoiling His Wife and We Think We Know Why

Proud husband Ludacris just keeps giving his wife praise and presents, and we love the love.
Ludacris Just Can’t Stop Spoiling His Wife and We Think We Know Why

Lately Ludacris has been doting his wife, Eudoxie with amazing gifts that have us Insta-jealous.

The “Fast & Furious” star recently gifted Mrs. Bridges with an in-home hair salon and a vacation to Cabo.

If you gon stunt, stunt hard on em @eudoxiee #happymrsbridgesday

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He even coined a day after her #HappyMrsBridgesDay which he celebrated by presenting her with a brand new Mercedes Benz jeep.


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Why so many surprises? Well the rapper says it’s “just because”, but here are some reasons why we think he loves to adore his wife:

1. The Gabonese model who came to America only knowing three English words, holds two degrees and is a philanthropist. She is the founder of Unspoken Angels, a non-profit focused on helping young women find a life and resources after experiencing abuse by paying it forward.

2. Ludacris has a wife who finds ways to bless others. Before she was gifted with her new car, Eudoxie shared, “I was up late last night and early this morning talking with someone I have never met. She is a young woman who has a baby in the NICU and I couldn’t sleep until I worked out a plan to bless her and her baby.”

3. Lastly, she stood by his side as he went through an intense custody battle that may have made many women run to the nearest exit.

She definitely deserves it all!