This post is inspired by a comment/question submitted by our sister Georgine. I am sure that many of us can relate to Georgine feeling overwhelmed and that she has to be everything to everybody. It truly is exhausting pouring your time and energy into others all the time and never having time or energy to take care of yourself. I think it is in our nature to wear our SUPERWOMAN capes. We wear them proudly yet sometimes all we really want to do is take cover ourselves beneath our capes to find a moment of peaceful escape. Ladies, we must be very careful not to ignore our own personal needs. Ignoring our needs can lead to physical, mental and emotional breakdowns. When we become sick or mentally disabled, we can not effectively care for others. As women, we love hard and we tend to put everyone’s well-being before our own. Guess what? It really is okay to love yourself more than others. I know that we were raised and taught that our children need to be and should be our number one priority. Yes, they should be a priority in our lives but how we care for ourselves directly impacts how we care for our children. For example, if we do not make healthy choices with our eating habits, most likely our children will consume the same foods and assume the same eating habits that we do. If we are always stressed and irritable, our children tend to be on the receiving end of our wrath more often because of our short fuses. When we learn to love ourselves more, we will realize that our physical and mental health must be a top priority.  We will understand the importance of nurturing our minds, bodies and spirits. When we are feeling rested and healthy, it will allow us to have healthier interactions with our children and others. Ladies, please give yourselves permission to love yourselves more!  Now, give yourself a big hug and GO DO YOU! Continued to blessed and empowered! Stephanie To read more from ESSENCE.com blogger Stephanie Clark, click here. Read More: