Sticking Around

Earlier this week rumors surfaced that Bishop Eddie Long’s wife Vanessa Long had moved out of their home in response to the fallout from the recent sex scandal surrounding their family.  Bishop Long was accused of having sexual relationships with four teenage boys and bribing them with gifts and trips. Long settled with all his accusers for a reported $25 million, sparking rumors that his wife had had enough. In response to the false rumors, Long’s New Birth church released this statement: “That claim is completely and absolutely false. Mrs. Long is very much a loving, dedicated and committed wife and mother.” (Bossip)

Doing Just Fine

Queens rapper Ja Rule, known as Jeffrey Atkins, began a 2-year prison sentence last week stemming from a conviction for weapons possession charges.  Almost immediately after he turned himself into custody rumors began to circulate that his family was broke. His wife, Aisha, quickly went on the defense to TMZ. She made the following statement: “All of the rumors about Ja being broke are far from true. Ja made sure that me and my kids wouldn’t need anything as far as income goes. He planned well before he went in. (Sandra Rose)

No One’s Getting Lucky Tonight

Want to find out what guys really think when you tell them sex is off the table? The ladies over at The Frisky asked five different men to weigh in and you won’t believe what they had to say. (The Frisky)

I Did, Now I Don’t

This week infamous playboy Hugh Hefner got a rude awakening when his fiancé Crystal Harris tweeted “the wedding is off” out of nowhere. Rumors later began to circulate that suggested Crystal was planning to ditch him at the altar at the last minute to land a major TV deal. For more details and to see other celebrity couples who called off their weddings go here. (The Frisky)

What Men Really Want

Dr. John Gray, the author or “Men Are From Mars, Women are From Venus” has a message for all the tall and confident ladies out there who feel they may be too intimidating to date. The message: Find the femininity within. Watch his video message here. (

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