At some point in your life, you will probably try to date like a man, meaning you will meet some guy that you really like, realize that all he wants is something sexual and convince yourself that that’s all that you want too, all the while secretly wanting this new sex-based relationship to blossom into a full-on romance, which it won’t. This usually happens during your late teens and twenties when you’re “finding yourself” and taking risks with your heart. Ladies, we and our little sisters and cousins need to stop fooling ourselves. We’ve proved we can do many things like men, but we still can’t have sex like them. Why would we want to? A ‘Chicago Tribune’ story reported that a recent study revealed that girls want real love, not just sex. 
According to the ‘Tribune’ lots of young women flocked to theaters see ‘Twilight’ about a vampire who is in love with the films heroine, but will not sleep with her because he doesn’t want to hurt her and make her undead. Apparently the girls see this as a kind of “fantasy” because they’re not getting real love in their real lives. 

The article goes on to read that while women want a real commitment, we’re not standing up for it. The world of courtship has gotten turned upside down with college-age men and women having sex before dating instead of dating before having sex. Lying down isn’t getting us what we want and young women are confusing making love with the real thing. 
“Many women feel that they must engage in a certain degree of sexual activity to have any hope of finding a boyfriend — or, down the road, a husband. They well understand that most hookups will not lead to the type of relationship that they really want. But they just don’t see any other way to get there,” the Tribune article reports. 
What are your thoughts? How can we expect to get the kind of love we want if we just give in to current culture? Is it impossible to have a long-term relationship form out of a hook up?  Isn’t this hook-ups to heartbreaks culture damaging to the male psyche too? Does true love only exist in the movies?