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Loretta Lynch To Send Two Government Officials to Baltimore

In a meeting yesterday evening, Lynch told President Obama that she was closely monitoring the unrest in Baltimore
Loretta Lynch To Send Two Government Officials to Baltimore

In one of her first acts as attorney general, Loretta Lynch, who was just sworn into office yesterday, said that she would be sending two government officials to meet with community leaders and help control the growing unrest in Baltimore, following the death and funeral of Freddie Gray.

In a statement issued yesterday, Lynch condemned the riots and looting that have resulted in approximately 200 arrests and dozens of destroyed buildings and vehicles.

“Those who commit violent actions, ostensibly in protest of the death of Freddie Gray, do a disservice to his family, to his loved ones and to legitimate peaceful protestors who are working to improve their community for all its residents,” she said in the statement.

Lynch also promised that government officials would conduct a thorough investigation into the details surrounding Freddie Gray’s death. Last week, a spokeswoman for the Department of Justice announced that it would be looking into whether the police department committed any civil rights violations.

“In the days ahead, I intend to work with leaders throughout Baltimore to ensure that we can protect the security and civil rights of all residents,” Lynch said in the statement. “And I will bring the full resources of the Department of Justice to bear in protecting those under threat, investigating wrongdoing and securing an end to violence.”