Lorde Inc. Ushers in New Wave of Diverse Models
Courtesy of Lorde Inc.

The lack of diversity in fashion is a topic that’s been dissected, discussed and questioned in depth. With non-white models making up less than 30% of New York Fashion Week shows it’s hard not to wonder: where are all the models of color?

Enter Lorde Inc., the modeling agency based in London that caters to non-white models only.

The agency, started by Nasifa Kaptownwala in 2013, has already made headway in the indie magazine and campaign circuit. Its aim is to find models that don’t necessarily fit the mold of the traditional model, but that are simply comfortable in front of a camera. 

With a mission that stands out among the crowd, Lorde. Inc. is proving that it’s more than just a niche agency, it’s a movement.

“I started Lorde Inc. because I wanted to draw attention to representation. But mostly, I started Lorde Inc. because I wanted to make a point that People of Color are people too,” Kaptownwala told Space Matters. “We’re not a monolith, your fetish, your type. And not only did I want to draw attention to how beautiful we are, I wanted to make a point that we shouldn’t need to have to keep fighting to prove that.”

Hopefuls can submit their pictures online, but true to their off-the-beaten-track approach, Lorde Inc. takes to Tumblr to find some of their talent.

Here’s to injecting some much-needed diversity into the fashion industry.