You and your boyfriend have been trying to pencil in some QT for weeks, but with end-of-year deadlines, you’re both super swamped. Finally it’s the Friday after Thanksgiving and you both have a long weekend off. Don’t waste a blessed moment. Here are ten suggestions on how to spend your lazy days together.

1. Sleep In: With the demands of work and life, it’s rare that you get to sleep in at all, much less snooze in spoonsville with your boo. Turn off the alarm and take advantage of the warm body you have next to you. It could lead you to suggestion no. 10. 

2. Breakfast in Bed: We tend to skip breakfast or eat it at our desk more than at our kitchen tables. Take some time out to scramble the eggs just right and spread the jam evenly on the toast. Get back into bed and snuggle while you scarf.

3. Walk in the Park: We’re all connected to nature, so it’s no wonder that spending time with the trees is one of the best ways to feel the love between you and your partner. While you’re there, you might be able to pack in suggestion no. 6. 

4. Movie Marathon: Remember when watching a movie was the only way you could spend time with your high school boyfriend. Despite your mom peering in on you guys, you still had fun. Rent a stack of movies that you and your guy can agree upon and have a film fest. It’ll be even better without adult supervision. 

5. Get Out of Town: If you and your honey are lucky enough to have a little cash set aside, a great way to get closer together is to get away from your ordinary surroundings. Jump in the car and drive to a bed and breakfast a few hours away.

6. Watch the Sunset Together: Again, nature inspires us to be romantic. Watching the pinks and purples in the sky could make you see stars when you look into your lover’s eyes later.

Let’s Get Down To It: You and your dude don’t get to spend much time maxin’ and relaxing together. Make use of it and get it on! Duh! The next four suggestions should help you have a Freaky Friday. 

7. Have a 2nd Thanksgiving Naked: You and your man are home alone. Take advantage. Fix yourself a plate of leftovers from yesterday’s feast and eat in the nude. Try not to touch each other while you eat. It’ll help you save room to devour each other even after the sleep inspiring turkey.

8. Bubble Baths and Rubdowns: When’s the last time you soaked up some love in a tub with your baby. If you’re lucky enough to have a tub (city girls, you know they’re hard to come by), get naked and make some suds with your bud. After you soap up, you can rub each other down. A massage will help you two relax and enjoy steps 9 and 10.

9. Put on a Fashion Show for Him: Your boyfriend’s always talking about how much he loves your curves. Show them off with an impromptu fashion show. Strut your sexy around the bedroom in your favorite matching bra and panty set. He’ll be front and center for whatever comes next.

10. Try Something New In the Bedroom: Now that you have the time, plan some new activities to spice up your sex life. Whether it’s a new toy, a different type of condom or lubricant or a risky position.