This Little Boy Got A ‘Black Panther’ Themed Prosthetic Leg And His Reaction Will Make Your Day
Milton Purnell via Because Of The We Can

The news has been heavy lately. Between viral videos of police violence and abuse against young people and celebrity suicides, we’ve just about reached out emotional limit. So when we saw a too-cute video of a little boy receiving a Black Panther themed prosthetic leg, we knew we just had to share it.

Black Panther not only ruled the box office this year, raking in over $1 billion globally, but it also had a significant impact on young Black people who finally saw themselves on the big screen as superheroes for the very first time. So when North Carolina-based tattoo artist Milton Purnell was asked to makeover a young boy’s prosthetic, he took some inspiration from Wakanda.

According to a video Purnell shared on Facebook, Mikey was so excited about his new leg he did a little happy dance after putting it on.

Four months after we first traveled to Wakanda it’s clear Black Panther will continue to have a positive impact on our lives, and more importantly our young people’s lives, for years to come.


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