You Aren’t The Only One Who Listens To Beyoncé After A Tough Day—Mama Tina Does Too!

You’re not the only one who blasts Beyoncé on the way home from a challenging day.

Ms. Tina Lawson – a matriarch of the Beyhive kingdom – posted a video of herself rocking out to Beyoncé’s “Freedom” calling it her “fight song.”

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“Had a tough day yesterday! Obstacles everywhere,” she captioned the video. “When I think about quitting the fight. I sing this song loud! This has become my fight song.”

And of course Mama Tina wouldn’t be Mama Tina without dishing some advice. “Keep pushing! Don’t give up! Cause a winner never quits on themselves,” she instructs quoting her daughter.

YAS, Mama Tina!

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