She’s represented the likes of Michael Jackson, Nicole Richie, Paris Hilton, even Mike Tyson, but no other clients have garnered celeb lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley as much air time as Lindsay Lohan. After years in the background, the seasoned criminal defense attorney has become Hollywood’s go-to celebrity lawyer. “I call a big part of my practice Celebrities Behaving Badly,” she says in a profile on CNN. And representing one of Hollywood’s notorious bad girls hasn’t been easy. Holley briefly resigned from Lohan’s case amid all the chaos, but came back because the starlet asked her to. “I respect and admire her, and I think she’s really going to come out of this a superstar,” she says. Early in her career, Holley was recruited by legendary lawyer Johnny Cochran during the O.J. Simpson trial. The late Cochran continues to influence her today, she says. “I always ask myself, ‘What would Johnnie do?’ What would Johnnie do is my guiding question as a lawyer.” As the spotlight turns to her, Holley says she looks forward to being anonymous again. “When I see colleagues and they say, ‘I haven’t seen you in the press in a while,’ I say, ‘Great — that means I’m doing my job.’ I feel like I’ve failed as a celebrity lawyer if you see too much of me.”