It’s been noted time and time again that hip hop lyrics are offensive to women. Two sisters from Baltimore, Nia, 10, and Nya, 9 — with the help of their adorable little sis Kamaria, 5 — have decided to do something about it, urging Lil Wayne to “stop all the hurting…”

The sisters, who call themselves Watoto from the Nile, recorded an “open letter” to Weezy holding him responsible for promoting drug use and for disrespecting women.

“People say, ‘say no to drugs,’ …So tell me sir who should I trust, you or them?” Nia sings.

“My daddy tells me I’m a queen, but you call women other things,” Nya follows. “…Sir don’t call me out my name again. And don’t you think it’s kind of mean, to disrespect a royal queen?”

We all have cringed at the disrespectful language used in hip hop at some point or another, but it took a group of elementary school girls to say something about it.

Watch the video and tell us what you think.

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