Lil' Kim Opens 5th Salon in North Carolina

Lil' Kim's salon business continues to expand in North Carolina.

Although Lil’ Kim leads everyone to believe she’s steadily busy working on new music, she’s in fact got her hands full with a booming salon business in North Carolina.

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In partnership with Katrise Jones, the two co-own Salon Se Swa and recently opened up their fifth location in Charlotte, North Carolina according to All Hip-Hop.

Already successful in Raleigh, Greensboro, Winston-Salem and Rocky Mount it only makes sense to expand to Charlotte. “This new location allows us to cater to a larger customer base and better serve the needs of not only Charlotte, but also its surrounding areas,” said Jones.

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But what about beyond the south?

Jones revealed they’re looking to turn the salon into a major franchise — allowing salons to pop up all over the nation.



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