She showed us her wild side on “The Salt-n-Pepa Show,” but now Pepa is getting serious about her search for love. As we reported on Friday, the Grammy-winning rapper and author is back on her reality-show-grind with “Let’s Talk About Pep,” which premieres tonight on VH1…and she’s bringing three of her girlfriends along for the ride. Not to worry, you’ll get to meet them, too.  

Pepa rang to give us a taste of what she’ll be cooking up on her new show.  Take a listen… When the series begins, you’re a single, divorced mom of two. How did you know it was time to get back in the game?
I’ve done some soul searching and have reflected back on my life and the mistakes I’ve made. I’d been making some bad choices and was settling for things that weren’t right. There’s no more of that for me. At this point, I felt that I was ready, and I was right. So, how will you approach things differently this time?
PEPA: In the past, I’ve allowed things to move too quickly.  I’d go out with a guy a couple of times and the next thing you know, we’re together, and he’s moving in. It’s like, “Your clothes are already in the closet and I’m just learning you, now? You’ve got to leave!” [laughs]

This time around, I want to take my time to get to know someone. I realize that courting is really important. You’ve got a 19-year-old son and a daughter who is 11. How do they feel about their mom being on the prowl?
PEPA: My daughter prays every night and for the last year, she’s been asking, “Please find my mommy a man!” [laughs] She also asks that he be a good person who loves them and loves me.

The kids have always known when someone was good for me, or not. They’ve even said, “Oh, I don’t like that one!” I might have saved myself some heartache if I’d just listened to them. So, who is the ideal man for Pepa, today?
PEPA: I’m looking for love, so he clearly has to understand what love is and be looking for it, too. He has to respect me and he definitely can’t have a baby on me! [laughs] I don’t condone cheating.

I’m also big on honesty and communication. I’ve been in relationships where you’re just sitting around, watching TV all day, and not talking. He wouldn’t know how many tattoos I have or what they mean. Not anymore. We have to talk and we need to know every nook and scar on each other’s bodies and where they came from. I’m very attentive and touchy-feely and I like to have that reciprocated. I want all of that! I hear you!  I hope you find him.
PEPA: Me, too, and I’m not settling until I do.