Surely, you’ve caught a glimpse of her sitting behind a news desk or walking the red carpet, but we bet you’ve never seen Jacque Reid quite like this.

As 1/4 of the “Let’s Talk About Pep” crew, Reid is surprisingly candid about her desire to be a wife before becoming a mother, even as her biological clock ticks, loudly. She also reveals the one, big thing that’s been missing from her life, but we’ll get to that in a sec. (Hint:  It begins with an “O.”)
ESSENCE.com: So, why did you want to be a part of the show?  
Well, as a journalist, it’s my job to tell other people’s stories.  With this show, I really wanted to talk about things that were going on with me that I thought other Black women could relate to.

ESSENCE.com: One of those things is your desire to get married before having children, but your clock is ticking.
REID: I’m a Christian woman and I really want to do things the right way.  For me, that means being married, first.  I’ve been trying to find a husband to share my life and have children with, but as I explain on the show, my doctor said, “You need to start thinking about putting [conceiving] on the front burner.”

I’m sure a lot of Christian women are in the same situation.  It’s like, “I want to have a child, but the man’s not [here].  Am I just going to hook up with somebody and have a baby out-of-wedlock or go to a sperm bank?”  That’s where I am right now.  I’m really trying to figure out what I’m going to do.

ESSENCE.com: Were you apprehensive about revealing the fact that you’ve never experienced an orgasm?
REID: It’s not something I’m embarrassed or secretive about, but in doing research, I’ve learned that many other women are dealing with the same [issue], but they don’t talk about it.  Being a part of this show will help me get this information out there.

I’m a very traditional, Southern woman, so I didn’t really talk about sex, or sex toys, with my girlfriends at the brunch table.  Now, I’m with a group of women who talk about sex all the time!

ESSENCE.com: I have faith that there’s a man out there for you…a very determined man!  
REID: [laughs]  You and me both.  I would love to get there!

ESSENCE.com: What have you learned about yourself, thusfar?
REID: This experience has taught me that I need to open my mind a bit more. There are rules that I’ve set for myself, and for others, and I’m realizing that I can be very strict with how I live.  That could be blocking my orgasm.  I think I need to find a way to loosen up some – a lot, actually.

ESSENCE.com: If you had to write a list, describe the perfect man, for Jacque.
REID: He is Christian, fun-loving and hardworking.  He’s personable, financially-stable, well-educated and he adores and respects me.  Oh, and he’s handsome and loves animals, especially dogs.  [laughs as her dog barks in the background]

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