Singer Letoya Luckett had a little reminder for her ex-boyfriend, rapper Slim Thug: Black women raised you, and Black is beautiful. Luckett, a new spokesperson for Luster’s Pink Brand addressed Thug’s comments about Black women in an interview with TheYBF. “I’m so proud to be a Black woman; I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world,” she said. Maybe Thug needs a little reminding of where he came from, opined Luckett: “He has a great mother, he has a great grandmother…women that raised him. His sister… who if it wasn’t for her you wouldn’t even know who Slim Thug was. Because of how they took care of him… I mean you know, whatever was said, was said. But on my end, Black is Beautiful!” The ex-Destiny’s Child member is also grateful to the awesome Black women who raised her. “I’m thankful that l I have an amazing family, Black women that raised me,” she said. “I’m like an international girl all day long. But I love the Black women in my life. My grandmother, my mom.”