Fans of certain age will always remember LeToya Luckett as one of the original members of Destiny’s Child. Eleven years post-DC, this Houston native is making waves on her own.

Along with releasing two hit solo albums, Luckett has been flexing her acting chops. She stared in “The Preacher’s Kid,” and snagged a recurring role on HBO’s hit show, “Treme.”

Now she’s gearing up for her biggest role yet in the inspirational drama, “From the Rough.”

ESSENCE sat down with Luckett, who’s also a Luster’s haircare spokeswoman, and dished about “From the Rough,” her upcoming album, and keeping up with her Destiny’s Child bandmates. What is the film “From the Rough” about?
LETOYA LUCKETT: It stars Taraji P. Henson, Michael Clark Duncan, and Tom Felton of “Harry Potter.” It’s a true story about Coach Starks, the first — not just African-American — but female to coach a men’s golf team. Before Coach Starks became the golf coach, she was the swim coach for [Texas State University]. My character Stacey was one of her students and I fall in love with Tom Felton’s character. This isn’t necessarily something that Coach Starks wants. So I’m kind of torn between the two people — the one that I love and the one that I look up to.

ESSENCE: Did you feel intimidated working with veterans like Taraji P. Henson and Michael Clark Duncan?
LETOYA: I loved working with Michael Clark Duncan and I’m learning so much from Taraji. I was shaking the first day because these people are in a completely different league. These are Oscar-nominated, Oscar worthy actors. So of course I was nervous, but at the same time I was trying to take in and learn as much as I possibly could.

ESSENCE: We heard you’re in the studio now, what can we expect from the new album?
LETOYA: I am so excited about the new album. Of course it’s going to be R&B, I gotta stay true to my fans. But I want to try some different stuff. I’ve grown from the last album. So, I’m definitely gonna tell my story as I always do. But I’m going to try some different stuff: more live instruments, some soulful stuff, and more uptempos on this album. A lot of people compliment the fact that all of my songs tell a story. I don’t cut a record unless it’s really speaking to someone. I’m actually doing a docu-webseries that I’m releasing on my Twitter (@LeToyaLuckett). I’m going to let the camera in and let the fans in on the progress of this album and other things I’m promoting as well.

ESSENCE: Are you still in contact with your Destiny’s Child albums?
LETOYA: I am! I talk to Kelly all the time. I’m always getting on her about getting rest, and telling her how proud I am of her. She’s working… we’re all working! I’m so happy for Beyonce and the baby and Jay. We all keep in contact. A lot of times people want to make things into a beef or a competition, and I’m like, y’all have no idea!

ESSENCE: Word on the tweets is that you and Slim Thug are back together. Is it true?
LETOYA: That’s very false. It’s super false. I wish him the best.

“From the Rough” will be in theaters in 2012.

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