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Leslie Jones' Olympics Coverage On Twitter Is Everything Fans Hoped It Would Be

Leslie Jones takes over Rio with the best live-tweets breaking down all things Olympic games and it's absolutely perfect.
Leslie Jones’ Olympics Coverage On Twitter Is Everything Fans Hoped It Would Be
@lesdogggg via Instagram
Now that Leslie Jones is done touring the world to promote her new film Ghostbusters, the SNL comedienne has come up with a new way to entertain fans until she heads back to work: report hilarious, unfiltered Olympic coverage on Twitter. Thanks to the good folks at NBC, the actress has shared hundreds of tweets from the Olypmic streets since she touched down in Rio de Janiero, Brazil this week. Between photobombing #TeamUSA athletes to following sports fans’ every move, and checking them on their attire, Leslie’s broadcast coverage of the games has been on point. In fact, so many people have tuned in, various athletes across the board have reached out to thank her for being such a fan, especially the swim team. So if you’ve missed out on Jones’ non-stop Olympic “news” coverage then get a taste of what you’ve been missing below. WANT MORE FROM ESSENCE? Subscribe to our daily newsletter for the latest in hair, beauty, style and celebrity news And Leslie’s minute-by-minute OlympicEven Ryan Seacrest applauds her patriotic reporting! If Twitter gave out awards, this one would be for you, Leslie! If you’ve been wondering where to get the best Olympic coverage in real time, clearly Leslie Jones’ Twitter is the answer!