Lenny Kravitz Talks New Album And Dream Collaboration

The 50-year-old multi-instrumentalist, Lenny Kravitz is far from done in the music world. His 12-track album, Strut is set to be released September 23 and will be his first release since 2011. 

During an interview with Huffington Post, Kravitz opened up about the album’s title and what it means to him. “For me, using that word [strut] was about being proud and confident about who you are,” said Kravitz. “Whatever you are. Because we’re all different. We’re all freaks of some sort.” The album will include songs that speak to that mentality. With sensual tracks like “Dirty White Boots” and the lead single “The Chamber,” Kravitz uses this album to explore the idea of “embracing one’s self.” 

This isn’t to say the independent artist is against trying new things. Kravtiz’s next music project might be something a bit more collaborative. “I think it would be really interesting one day to put together a band,” said Kravitz. “Like [find] other people who may be solo artists, and put together a band and make an album.” 

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And who’s first on his list for the new band? “Oh I dunno, Prince would be one of them,” said Kravitz.