Lee Daniels on Hollywood Racism: ‘We’re Artists, Just Like the White Artists’
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Lee Daniels has achieved amazing things in an industry that regularly ignores, whitewashes, and mistreats people of color.

The filmmaker and Empire creator has always been outspoken about Hollywood’s double standard, and this week he shared his thoughts in an Instagram video.

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“Hollywood has a tendency to think that African-American directors and writers are just lucky to be working,” says Daniels, “And we should take any scrap that’s give to us and make gold from it. No, we’re artists, just like the white artists. I’ll probably get a lot of flack from this like it’s some racist shit but it’s not, well, it is but it’s sad. Change is a coming, I hope!”

Let go and let GOD 🙏🏿

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Well, with voices like yours speaking out, Lee, we’re hopeful things will change soon.

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